> Is it possible to get Issue 3 without subscribing?

Yes. With a one-time minimum donation of $50, you’ll receive a copy of Issue 3 as gift.

> Do you ship internationally?


> What's the ETA for Issue 3?

We are shipping a batch at the start of every week. Shipping itself usually takes 3-5 working days, occasionally up to a week.

> Can I get multiple copies of Issue 3?

Yes. You can add $25 on top of the $50 donation for each extra copy you’d like to receive.

> I'm a member and I wish to receive extra copies of Issue 3. Do I have to donate an extra $50 for 1 copy, $25 on top of that for multiple copies, like non-members?

No. If you’re a member and you wish to receive extra copies of Issue 3 on top on of the one included in the subscription, email us with your membership details and we’ll send you a coupon link. For every extra copy you wish to receive you’ll pay only the production and shipping costs.

> Can I still purchase copies of Issue 1 & 2 separately?

Yes. Copies of Issue 1 & 2 are still available for purchase here, until we run out.

> Will there be re-prints of the issues?

No. Once the extra copies of our biannual issues for non-members are out of stock, we will not do reprints.

> When will I start receiving members-only content and invites to the IRL events?

We are currently planning an event to be hosted in NYC early in the new year, as well as working on setting up a newsletter for members only. Updates will be available soon on our website and social media.




> If I subscribe annually now, and cancel my plan before the next issue (included in this year's subscription) is out, do I still receive it?

Yes. Although we recommend waiting until the issue is out to avoid any logistic error on our end. To make sure you do, email us the receipt of your plan when the issue is out, proving you have subscribed within the time window and are entitled to a copy.

> If I subscribe annually now, and cancel my plan before the end of my billing cycle, do I still receive priority invites to the IRL events and access to additional content for the remaining time of my subscription?

Once you cancel your membership, you will be removed from our members email list, and no longer receive priority invites to our IRL events and/or additional content.

> Are subscriptions and donations tax-deductible for US citizens?

We are in the process of setting up a nonprofit foundation as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. Yearly/single donations from the United States through our website (such as the IM Membership) will soon be tax-deductible. In the meantime, a tax deductible donation option is already available on our Donate page thanks to fiscal sponsorship from the Claremont Institute.

> Can I receive a copy of Issue 3 if I make a tax-deductible donation to IM—1776 through the Claremont fiscal sponsorship page?

If you made a donation to us through the Claremont fiscal sponsorship page and wish to receive a copy of our issues, kindly email us the receipt with a request to receive a copy, or multiple copies (depending on the amount donated – please see the first two FAQ), along with your full name and shipping details.

> Do you offer refunds?

If you received the wrong item or a damaged one, please contact us with photos of the item attached and your donation/subscription details and we’ll sort that out for you.

> How can I manage my subscription?

Please see the “Already a Member?” voice on our Membership page.

✉ info@artliteraturefoundation.org

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