Our Writers


Mark Granza is a writer and the founding editor of IM—1776.
Henry Hopwood-Phillips is a Byzantine historian from London and a contributing editor of IM—1776. He writes on: byzantineambassador.com
Daniel Miller is a writer, surrealist and a contributing editor of IM—1776.
Titus Techera is the Executive Director of "American Cinema Foundation".
William Guppy is a writer from London. He's the author of "Ha, Ha, Ha, Delightful".
Michael Millerman is a scholar of political philosophy.
Lomez is a writer.
Indian Bronson is a casual observer of culture and systems.
Benjamin Roberts is an NYU Abu Dhabi undergraduate interning for the Wallace Institute.
Jacob Phillips is an academic living in London.
Ben Sixsmith is an English writer living in Poland.
Alex Perez is a Cuban-American writer based in Miami, and a graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop.
Geoff Shullenberger is a writer and academic. He blogs at: outsidertheory.com
Blake Smith is a historian of modern France, translator, and a Harper-Schmidt Fellow at the University of Chicago.
Riva-Melissa Tez lives in Las Vegas and has a background in technology and finance.
Alex Kaschuta is a writer and essayist from Romania. She writes on: alexkaschuta.substack.com

Authors who have contributed to IM—1776 include : Sepha Pagdanganan, Michael Michailidis, Ryan Anderson, Ugo Stornaiolo Silva, Justin Carmien, Alexander Blum, Henry George, Nicolas Hausdorf, Scott Litts, Paul Brian, Scott Yenor, George Marsden, Carl Eric Scott, Steven Fairchild, Gio Pennacchietti, Default Friend, Ljiljana Radenovic, Austin Lamb.


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