Our Writers


Mark Granza is the founding editor and publisher of IM—1776.
Daniel Miller is a writer, critic, and a contributing editor of IM—1776.
Henry Hopwood-Phillips is a Byzantine historian from London and a contributing editor of IM—1776.
Titus Techera is the Executive Director of "American Cinema Foundation".
Lomez is a writer.
Benjamin Roberts is an NYU Abu Dhabi undergraduate interning for the Wallace Institute.
William Guppy is a writer from London. He's the author of "Ha, Ha, Ha, Delightful".
Alex Perez is a Cuban-American writer based in Miami, and a graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop.
Michael Millerman is a scholar of political philosophy.
Geoff Shullenberger is a writer and academic.
Jacob Phillips is an academic living in London.
Nicolas Hausdorf is a German writer living in Melbourne, Victoria.
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