Our Writers


Ryan Anderson is a teacher, traveler, and essayist based in Melbourne, Australia.
Justin Carmien is a lecturer on philosophy at Spinderihallerne, Vejle, Denmark. He teaches philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, metaphysics, and political metamodernism.
Mark Granza is an Italian freelance writer, journalist, and the founding Editor of IM—1776.
William Guppy is a writer from London. His book "Ha, Ha, Ha. Delightful", is out now.
Alex Kaschuta is a writer and essayist from Romania. She writes on: sortalexout.com
Michael Michailidis is a Greek author of fiction and cultural theory. He is the writer, presenter, and co-producer of "Ancient Greece Revisited".
Daniel Miller is a writer and Surrealist. He’s the author of "Dracula Rules the World and Mark Zuckerberg is His Son".
Michael Millerman is a scholar of political philosophy. Michael holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Toronto and a BA in Philosophy from the University of British Columbia.
Sepha Pagdanganan is a law student who thinks studying law is a personality.
Jacob Phillips is an academic living in London.
Ugo Stornaiolo S. is an Italian-Ecuadorian law student, journalist and policy analyst. He is the head researcher at 'Resistencia Metapolitica', and the Latin America correspondant for 'Navarra Confidencial'.
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