Lawless Power

Our Statement on Trump’s “Conviction”

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, presumptive 2024 Republican nominee, and de facto leader of the American political opposition, was this week convicted on all 34 felony counts in a New York court after a show trial whose partisan motives and irregular proceedings are beyond any reasonable doubt. 

Like many other recent political events — the Global War on Terror, Russiagate, the so-called pandemic, the 2020 Election, and the ongoing border crisis — Trump’s conviction bears all the fingerprints of a lawless, unaccountable bureaucracy in flagrant violation of constitutional norms. 

The case itself was brought by a Soros-funded DA, who campaigned on a promise to prosecute Trump, assisted by former senior Biden DOJ official Matthew Colangelo who moved to the NYC DA’s office in order to prosecute him. The law under which he was prosecuted was raised from a misdemeanor to a felony for the express purpose of charging Trump, and has never been used in any comparable case. The star witness for the prosecution was a convicted felon and the trial was presided over by a judge who personally donated to the Biden campaign and whose daughter runs a Democratic Party-linked consulting firm which has raised tens of million dollars on the back of the trial – points that Trump himself was gagged from discussing. 

This is how power is now exercised in this country. Rather than a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, we are ruled by a black box whose internal workings are opaque, but whose direction is unquestionable. 

What do you a call a system that blatantly invents pretexts to invade and occupy foreign countries, which conducts mass surveillance and censors its own citizens, which locks down millions of healthy people and attempts to force them to take experimental vaccines, which is currently importing a foreign population into the heart of the country, and which does not hesitate to invert the very concept of justice in order to weaponize the justice system against democratic opposition?

Perhaps one can take some consolation from the fact that Trump’s conviction at least has provided a rare moment of clarity, but in truth, the reality of our situation has been clear for some time.

A global extralegal machinery used to launch foreign wars, compel public health compliance, censor honest information, and influence elections has for its main target the American people. The persecution of Trump and his supporters obeys the same logic as other attacks on popular opposition movements by black box client governments around the world. 

What do popular opposition movements want? To defend law and liberty from the predations of lawless power, and restore the people to sovereignty over the realities that concern them. What does the black box Regime want? To prevent this from happening by any means necessary – including by mobilizing real criminals against their political enemies. The guilty verdict which was delivered in New York this week was not of Trump, but of a system which utterly condemns itself. 

— The Editors

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