Obituary: Ray Peat

Dr. Raymond Peat, teacher, biologist and philosopher dies at 86

Dr. Raymond Peat’s passing on Thursday, November 24th, marks a most tragic day for medicine. With him ended a long living tradition, stretching back to the days of Aristotle, and from which he drew freely in the face of today’s troubles. The soul flows as the morphogenetic field’s stretching at the embryo, Plato’s doctrines re-emerge to be disproven again and again as genetic theories of cancer, counter-myths of Edenic cane sugar are armored against stories of early man being a bloodthirsty beast.

Dr. Peat’s corpus had little in common with the choruses of debate-eager dietologists, supplement salesmen, the tiresome geniuses hacking at their brains with the latest peptide; But it constituted a truly cosmological science, closer to traditional astronomy, where the same principles, which reverse degenerative disease are also the ones driving at the cores of stars, playfully taking shape in the philosophies of Leibniz or Heraclitus, manifesting in the art of Frans Hals and Dali. It was no idiosyncratic project, but truly holistic, incorporating the great minds of Soviet and American biology (both celebrated and maligned, Metchnikoff, Pauling, Gilbert Ling, etc.) together with purely private anecdotal experiences and the folk wisdom of regular people. In the end, everything is arranged in its proper place and the total potential of life is revealed.

Many will try to repackage Peat’s insights under dumbed-down diets, protocols, but the true nature of the work will always elude them, as it did those metallurgists greedily following Pareclsian texts, huffing and puffing at furnaces and creating metal monstrosities instead of gold. But to the one realizing the depth of his philosophy, body and soul turn one again, age and death is no longer necessity, and the horizon gently brightens.

Our cups of coffee overflow and fall down, nurturing the ground, in which Dr. Peat lies awaiting the day of Resurrection, as we return again and again to his articles, which will only become more and more relevant with time, and whose potential awakens.

To those still strangers to Dr. Peat’s texts, they await welcoming, and to those greatly missing our friend, we should be emboldened to take on this tradition ourselves. One body less, life continues.

Landshark is a writer.

Ray Peat, 1936-2022
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