The Woke Emperor has no Clothes

Why the Canadian Conservative Party should hold Trudeau accountable

This Monday the Trudeau Regime, which for two years has kept Canadians imprisoned in a biomedical surveillance nightmare, finally lifted the last of its restrictions on entry to and travel within Canada, including annulling its testing, mask and vaccine mandates and making the hated ArriveCAN digital passport program optional. The suspension of these policies was the central objective of The Freedom Convoy protests from earlier this year and means the government has, though 8 months late, conceded their demands.

To be sure, compliance with these regulations was never total. Many Canadians, myself included, engaged in civil disobedience either by refusing to quarantine or otherwise asserting our rights at the border. The termination of these regulations in Canada is clearly welcome: only the most slavish followers of the CBC need now continue to hand over private medical information to the federal bureaucracy. Nonetheless it marks a victory in a battle, not the war.

Canada’s managed decline and the decline of Western civilization generally continues. Nobody has been held accountable for the current state of our economy: a long and hyper-inflated continuation of the bank bailouts from fourteen years ago. There is also no end in sight to the migrant crisis which has already transformed Europe, and is currently seeing thousands of migrants entering the United States every day.

What happens next now remains to be seen. On September 11 Pierre Polievre won the leadership of Canada’s Conservative Party. The Conservative Party was late in supporting the Freedom Convoy in opposing the “vaccination and punish” regime, and their leader at the time, Erin O’Toole, paid the price. O’Toole, who had lived up to his name and supported Trudeau, was defeated in an internal leadership convention days after the trucks entered Ottawa. 

Encouragingly, Trudeau and his handlers appear to view the rise of Polievre as a threat. Canada’s mainstream media ecosystem, which is subsidized directly by the Federal Government to the tune of nearly $600 million a year (with an additional billion dollars of taxpayer money a year going to the official state broadcaster, the CBC) have accordingly begun their campaign to paint Polievre as an existential threat to the nation. The Canadian political scene is rife with speculation of a potential election, and the decision to lift the mandates seems designed to destroy the momentum the Conservative Party and Polievre have gained.

Another point of concern for Trudeau, his clients and henchmen are a number of ‘Charter Challenges’ winding their way through the court system, which argue that Trudeau’s decision to turn Canada into the world’s largest prison contravened a number of articles in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The irony is that it was none other than Trudeau’s own father, the late and former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, if he was his father,  who shepherded the Charter into existence way back in 1982. At the time the policy was little more than another example of Canada copying the United States; in this case, by creating a watered-down version of the US Bill of Rights more than two hundred years later. Adding even more irony was the case of the former premier of Newfoundland, Brian Peckford. Peckford, who helped to broker the original creation of the Charter, challenged Trudeau’s regime on the basis of the rights it guranteed, but was prohibited by the very mandates he was challenging to fly from British Columbia (where he now lives) to Ontario, where he was meant to appear in court.

Both election speculation and the Charter challenges represent a desire on the part of the Canadian people to hold Justin Trudeau accountable for what he has done. Trudeau’s imposition of a medical apartheid society and his declaration of the Emergencies Act against peaceful political opposition were both tyrannical power grabs. The continued popularity of the Freedom Convoy speaks to a wound within the Canadian psyche, stabbed deeply and repeatedly by Trudeau’s many crimes; a wound which calls for prosecution of the man who held the dagger.

With this in mind, it should surprise no one that Trudeau and his party have hurriedly forwarded legislation to curtail the free speech rights of Canadians on the Internet, where his control over the media has little effect. The truth that Trudeau is a Left-fascist, ultra-corrupt architect of a biomedical fever dream isn’t a truth they can allow to be said. It’s easy at this point for anyone paying attention to understand why trust in institutions across the West has evaporated, but those within the Bug-Hive-Mind have hypnotized themselves from seeing any problems. They spend their time instead blaming the people they claim to govern and threatening them in increasingly hysterical terms.

If Pierre Polievre and the Conservative Party of Canada want to earn public trust and restore some of the lost faith in institutions, they must remove Trudeau and his enablers from power and hold them to account. But how likely is this? Some will remember that a central promise of Barack Obama’s famous ‘Hope and Change’ campaign was that he would hold the Bush Administration to account for their vicious wars, the ethical stain of Guantanamo Bay, and for the unconstitutional PATRIOT Act. As soon as he entered the Oval Office, however, he instead gave immunity to US officials who were guilty of torture. 

Polievre, despite his recent statements hostile towards them, has been criticized by the Canadian Right for his supposed links to the notorious globalist influence operation the World Economic Forum. His task is to put this criticism to bed once and for all. The path to restoring Canadians’ faith in their own country is to pull no punches in prosecuting Trudeau by whatever Royal Commissions or other tools at his disposal. This should be his number one priority if elected Prime Minister. It won’t be enough of course to fix this broken country, but it would send a powerful signal to the rest of the world that the fight back against the global cancer of criminal politicians and corrupt bureaucracies is only beginning.

Gord Magill is a 25-year veteran trucker across 4 countries. He has commented on the industry for several outlets. He can be found at

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