On the Making and Failures of Dr. Anthony Fauci

Born in Brooklyn in 1940 to an Italian immigrant family, Anthony Stephen Fauci worked delivering prescriptions for his family’s pharmacy. After his Brooklyn raising and high performance at a rigorous Jesuit-run school, he went on to study at Cornell. The then-young doctor was a smart medical mind and after becoming an M.D. he got into the field of medical research, rising up to become one of the world’s most-cited and well-known immunologists. He then ascended to prominence under various presidential administrations starting under President Reagan while serving as chief of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) division at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 

Although Fauci was raised Catholic, he repeatedly refers to himself as a “humanist,” saying that: “there are a lot of things about organized religion that are unfortunate.” Now, he says he has “faith in humankind.”

Another technocratic humanist running our most vital systems and power structures, in other words, what could go wrong? I know what you’re thinking, Fauci’s “faith in humankind” must be one of the reasons for his compassionate desire that you stay in your house and stop being a dirty little germ-spreader by daring to have a physical, real-world life, right?

With a 2021 budget estimated at over $6 billion at the NIAID, Fauci has some serious funding to play with — which is apparently what he was doing funding the lab in Wuhan in the lead up to COVID’s supposed outbreak date. He’s also married to Dr. Christine Grady, a Georgetown and Boston University-educated bioethicist who heads up oversight on the rectitude of the US government’s response to COVID-19. Grady’s job as a head of department at the NIH, fundamentally, is to make sure that everything is up to snuff and ethical in the response to COVID, part of which is being done by her own husband. “She identifies, researches, and writes about ethical issues concerning COVID-19 vaccines, resource allocation, and the safety of healthcare workers during the pandemic,” reports Rose Minutaglio for Elle.

Fauci’s youngest daughter Alison, meanwhile, is a software engineer at Twitter. You know, that company which has been so preoccupied with making sure the public was accurately informed on the COVID pandemic? It just turned out that doing so also required shutting down any opinion which differed from her father, of course.

Technocratic humanist dad, Ivy League-graduated bureaucratic mum in charge of overseeing the ethics of her own husband… Just one big, legit, happy globalist family at the Fauci household. 

In the same Pravda-style puff piece lavishing praise on Fauci and his wife, Minutaglio further describes Fauci’s appointment as Chief medical advisor in charge of the White House’s response and the liberal media’s version of the public response to it:

“It didn’t take long for the American public to lionize the soft-spoken infectious disease expert. His bespectacled face was meme-ified and printed on coffee mugs, masks, and prayer candles… He inspired love songs and appeared on late-night talk shows. The New Yorker dubbed him ‘America’s Doctor’, and Brad Pitt played him on SNL.”

How absolutely heartwarming. We are living in a Kafka novel. Never mind that Fauci has been lying on masks, admitted (gloated in fact) of moving the goalposts incessantly on herd immunity and vaccinations, intentionally omitting information on possible origins of the virus, and much more, as his emails revealed.

Liberal attempts to ignore all of the above, none of which served public health in any way, as well as to downplay the significance of the Fauci emails, only exposes the cultish thinking behind the movement the man represents: defend the dear leader at all costs. 

Failing Upwards

Fauci’s ideas just haven’t worked out very well. Taking over NIAID in 1984, the director is well-known for taking charge of the HIV / AIDS crisis, where he focused on coming up with a vaccine and created a bureaucratic hive that promoted people based on compliance, not expertise. As an immunologist, he wants to solve problems with vaccines, and even though AIDS ended up being more effectively treated with retroviral drugs, Fauci managed to carve out his piece of federal government pie at the expense of actual useful progress. Even leading AIDS activist Larry Kramer would later refer to Fauci as an “incompetent idiot”:

“He was not the best for us […] He was very slow, and he was the enemy of the activists for quite some time. All the drugs that are out there are out there because of AIDS activism, and our pressuring the drug companies, and Fauci, and anyone else we could get a hold of. [Fauci] did everything in longhand. They didn’t use computers. And that was why it took so long for drugs to get approved.”

Then there’s before and after 9/11, when Fauci dumped several billion into bioterror defense research; or in 2004 when his Project Bioshield pumped over five billion dollars more into bioterror defense. Perhaps we can all thank him that we’re not currently dead of weaponized smallpox or mobile anthrax, but it’s undeniable that he failed to actually come up with solutions, and even eventually admitted his focus on most issues had been misplaced.

We can also thank Dr. Fauci for siphoning off huge chunks of money that could have been preventing the entire COVID disaster in the first place. Remember when he said the virus was nothing to be worried about when it first hit? In fact, just like for with WHO, even masks weren’t necessary according to the esteemed science czar. But all the reversals and omissions and half-truths aren’t a mark against Fauci’s record for those who share the Faucist ideology. For them, these are a sign that he’s playing for the same team they are.

As Jacob Siegel has pointed out in December 2020, “If you are one of the people or organisations which repeatedly got the coronavirus wrong, abetted wanton political violence and destruction, or once again misread the American electorate, odds are very good that your funding streams, political influence, institutional power and leverage over your fellow Americans are going to increase over the next four years of the Biden administration.” The same day the Dr. admitted to lying to the public for no reason other than his gut feeling that the latter was finally ready to hear the truth, he was in fact greeted by the then-future POTUS and his wife Jill with a birthday serenade. Fauci, in other words, is the ultimate example of failing up. Choosing him to be his top medical adviser was a no-brainer for Biden, because great minds think alike.

First, there’s the big government incompetence. From “15 days to slow the spread” to some kind of Twilight Zone time loop, we’ve all been had. The incompetence of the response to COVID is staggering — and I’m not talking about Trump. Fauci lied about just about everything right from the start, and the white-coat armies of our incompetent medical regime have been nothing but disinformation agents and apologists for (among others) Communist China, provoking everyone into fear with their propaganda jaunts on CNN and other state media outlets. 

Next, there’s the cynical malice. Small-to-medium size businesses crushed and inflation soaring, 10 million missed cancer screenings due to the COVID regime; suicides at all-time highs and even kids killing themselves; anxiety and depression rates off the charts and generations of germophobe, traumatized youngsters who’ve heard the word ‘COVID’ more than their own name — just to name a few.

Lastly, there’s the strangely fanatical distrust of science and logic at the center of those who most purport to believe in both. Any evidence challenging Fauci & co.’s official narrative is refuted not on the basis of facts, but faith. ‘Appeal to authority’ is the fundamental tool of the media establishment, which has contributed to the elevation of ‘experts’ — symbolically led of course by Lord Fauc-leroy himself — as the last bastion of ‘legitimate’ authority left in the modern world.

But the idea that people who change their story faster than you can keep up with and silence anyone who dissents are acting from compassion and know what’s best for us, when they clearly don’t, is in truth, and of course, nothing but absurd.


Made of a curious blend of big government incompetence, cynical malice, and unscientific fanaticism disguised as #BelieveinScience, Faucism is a pernicious ideology that’s already got us all firmly in its gloved tentacles. This mechanistic, muddled mindset which manifests in destructive Lockdowns and things like social-distancing rituals, now runs large areas of our lives, carrying on the ignoble tradition of its bespectacled, NPR-voiced namesake Dr. Tony Fauci, a man intoxicated by his own inflated ego and insulated by political celebrity.

Faucism is a brand built on failure — and that’s no mistake. It gets more powerful the more it fails, and its contradictions and shortcomings get subsumed into more power, propelling its perpetual motion machine of mediocrity. White-coat apparatchiks are administering euthanasia to the last vestiges of critical thought in modern civilization and putting us to sleep with their blathering hysteria. COVID is just one of today’s prime examples, but there are plenty of others: the laundry list of ways in which society and stable social structures are being undermined can be easily grasped with a quick glance at our daily headlines.

Lockdowns aren’t what they seem either. Thanks to men like Fauci, today, Lockdowns aren’t just one of the various responses to COVID: they’re an institution, a philosophy and a worldview all rolled into one. Their outer manifestation is only a pale reflection of the inner being of the minds and hearts of those who endorse such unscientific, counterproductive mechanisms. At the bottom, Lockdowns are ‘toxic matriarchy’: the spillover effects of a nanny state gynocracy gone mad. They promise to keep you “safe,” secure and free of all harm; the only cost for believing that is your balls and your common sense. 

Toxic matriarchy, mixed with incompetence and cynical malice, are the main component parts of Faucism: a lumbering Leviathan of the regime. It wants your kids, your private property, your money, and your freedom. It demands that you live in fear and mindlessly repeat its cult slogans. While its power grows as big as the size of its failures, we can only speculate just how serious the consequences will get for those of us who refuse to join the Fauci cult.

Paul Brian is a freelance journalist and writer currently based in Brazil. His website is paulrbrian.com.

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